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We at Restore Your Door can supply many types of doors for the San Antonio TX region. From wooden, custom-made, crafted with the pattern, to classic timber doors with modern taste, metal, panel, siding door and what ever you can imagine, everything so your needs to be fully satisfied. Of course along with the doors, we supply a wide range of door handles, locks, interior latch sets and many other door components needed for a door restoration service or refinishing. For the most professional refinished doors, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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We can perform very fast door installationsMost of The people think that once their doors are varnished, they will last forever. Unfortunately, most of the finishes start to break down after only a year or two and no longer protect the wood, allowing moisture and UV rays to damage the surface of the door. That’s why, all wooden doors need to be refurnished every few years, especially when they are exposed to sun light or rain. If you can’t handle with this task, we at Restore Your Door can help! We have long professional experience and good reputation in this industry! We will provide you a doors restoration service in no time. Using top of the line products, materials and equipment, our workers will provide you with professional door refinishing service in no time!

When your door needs repair - we can handle itOne of the most common, small but annoying problems around the house is having a malfunctioning doors. If it sticks, squeaks or has problems with closing and opening, it is often an issue several times a day for anyone who lives in the house. Repairing a door is sometimes not a simple task and if you can’t handle with this, we at Restore Your Door will be glad to help! Give us a chance and your problems will be gone and the broken area of the door will last longer than you can imagine. Leave us your doors restoration, you’ll be glad you did!

Refinished doors looks owesomeAs one of the most preferred door supplier in San Antonio TX, customers can also rely on us for all kind of door replacement or installations – french glazed, all kind of interior, garage doors, etc. Consider the type of doors that you need to install. You can add mirrored, wooden, plastic or glass doors, for example.

The material that you choose will have a large impact on your door since different materials have different door installation requirements.

Supplier with wide range of all kind doors and brandsPlease take the time to look at our unique one-stop door shop. Where else will you find such a wide selection of styles and designs? Where else will you see fully inclusive Fitted prices online? There is no catch, no hassle – just top quality doors at sensible prices, expertly fitted! Highly professional refinished doors with one phone call.

As your neighbors, as well as your local door supplier, your satisfaction with your door replacement or repair work is very important to us. When you find yourself with a malfunctioning door, we always try to repair an existing door before having you replace it. We will give you a written estimate of any door repair work before we start any repair work. Our prices are the best in the San Antonio area.

A broken door is not only troublesome, it can be unsafe as well. Our company, Restore Your Door, have been experts in door repair and replacement since 1985. Our one and only, professional and courteous service includes replacing doors, door refinishing service, installation, repair and many others to make sure that our customers’ doors open and close reliably and safely.

We install all types of doors. Our doors can be made of steel, fiberglass or wood to mimic old fashioned carriage houses.We service both residential and commercial buildings and will be happy to assist you. A customer who has a door that needs repair or maintenance shouldn’t hesitate to call Restore Your Door at (210) 679-1821

by Rogerr S. on Restore Your Door

Restore Your Door have done two jobs in our home. They installed new front doors on our home and replaced two sets of garden doors with giant custom made picture windows looking out on our view. Without exception their service was personal, prompt and professional. The products they use are attractive and very energy efficient. We would recommend this company to any homeowner.

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