5 Tips on How to Fix Your Front Door when Damaged

A few Common Door Problems Which you can Easily Fix Yourself

Doors repairedNo matter how professional and trustworthy your door installation specialists were, there comes a time when you will need to perform some repairs, as no type of door has a life-long guarantee.

Depending on the damage you need to fix, you can choose between hiring a technician who is proficient in fixing doors or face this challenge yourself.

Today, Restore Your Door, of San Antonio TX, has decided to help all do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to fix their door problems without professional help, on how to fix the 5 five most common door issues.

Problem #1: Squeaky Hinges – This is actually very easy to fix, you just need to lubricate them with a silicone spray or a light penetrating oil.
Problem #2: Broken entry door dents – If you have a steel door, use an auto filler to repair it. Start with sanding down the damaged area until you see the metal. Then apply layers of auto fill until the door is smooth. Prime the area and paint it once you have achieved a smooth surface.
Problem #3: Sticking door – If your door is sticking, it most probably needs to be adjusted to fit the entryway. Start with removing the buildup of dirt along the door edges (if any). If this is not the issue you better sand the edges of your doors. Alleviation may be another problem to consider.
Problem #4: Doorway replacement – You can definitely not do this alone. You will need at least one friend to help you hold the door while you drive a screw into the framing to hold the door in place.
Problem #5: Need for Sealing – During the cold months there may be some air leaks you will need to eliminate in order to keep your home temperature steady. Replacing the caulk around your door is a good option to solve this issue. Weatherstripping is an alternative option for stopping air leaks.

Fixing doors is not so hard, but if you want guaranteed results, you better turn to professional door suppliers and installers. Call our company and we will help you get started with your door repairs!