How To Refinish an Old Oak Entrance Door?

Doors Restoration Tips For Beginners

If you have a beautiful vintage oak door that needs to be refinished, you should definitely consider using the help of a professional doors restoration contractor for this. If you apply varnish over varnish without stripping the old one, you will probably receive results which will not satisfy you. For this reason you better address experienced door repair specialists like Restore Your Door. Here is what we can do to make your door look better than it did when your door supplier had installed it at first.

  • Door restorationTo begin with we will strip the old varnish. There are 2 ways we do it:
    – using a chemical stripper
    – by sanding
  • We will scrape off the paint with a wide putty knife in order to remove most of the softened paint. Then we will finish removing the paint with a quality paint scraper tool.
  • We will repeat the process until the old paint is entirely removed and the wood is exposed.
  • Afterwards, our workers will neutralize the paint stripper with the appropriate liquid product as directed on the stripper instructions.
  • If you think that your door needs extra attention, because there are badly rotted areas, we will apply  a rotted-wood stabilizer, before proceeding with the next step.
  • When the door is smooth and ready to be painted or varnished again we will inspect for any cracks or uneven surfaces and use a wood filler to soften them, if we find any, of course. This means we are ready to apply the primer and finish coat, and this is exactly what we will do next.
  • When we have covered the entire door, we will let it dry for a few hours and come back to re-install it (in case we had removed it from its frame).

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